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Intuitive drawing

You grab your notebook. You take a deep breath. Close your eyes. Give up control.

You let your hand wander all over the page, cavorting with the subconscious, playing with Spirit. Scrip, scrap, scrape. You open your eyes - what do you see?



A tangled mess of lines that belongs in the garbage.

But... wait.

Look again.

Maybe there's something there...

A heart. A figure. Another figure. A hand. Reaching.


Friends who have your back, support you, encourage you. You think about your friends. How meaningful each and every one of them is to you. How you will call them, email them, respond to their posts, and let them know you love them.

It's no longer a mess of lines.

It's the message you needed to hear.

Intuitive drawing by Susan Conner

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